The next generation of police training

SurviVR™ is a virtual reality platform for immersive law enforcement training.

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Immersive Police Training

Our mission is to improve and standardize police training across the nation. Virtual reality allows us to create hands-on training scenarios that look and behave just like the real world, so our officers will be ready for any situation.

We are currently finishing internal demo testing in preparation for private betas at municipal police departments. If you are or know of a police department interested in early access, please reach us at

Thank you for your patience as we revamp our website.

Our Features

Built For Realism


Our officers can make conscious decisions at all times, which promotes engagement and knowledge retention.


We randomize the locations and actions of a suspect, so officers must always be on alert and respond appropriately.


Our platform is easily replayable and requires only 1-2 users to run, so officers can train quickly on their own time.

Data Tracking

We also track and store performance metrics, so each officer will know exactly what to fix and improve over time.

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